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After a late night of partying you are forced to stay at your Grandma's house. Little do you know more than just your Grandmother inhabits the house. Armed with only your cell phone for light try your best to get out.

How your submission matches the theme:

The game is a constant juggle. The ghosts chase after you only when your light is on, but traps and places to go are hard to see without light. Also there are power ups that may help you move faster or give you more heath. Although at the same time there are objects that will slow you down and take away health. The only way to know for sure what is good and bad is to use your light which attract the monsters.


Game engine: Unity 2017.1

Sounds, fonts, etc: freesound.org incompetech.com


Programmers: Jathan "Derick" Murphy, Victor Petrillo

Artist: Daniel Zeni


GameJam 5.7z 90 MB


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oh, cool! Is it also on indiexpo?

not currently maybe once we update it


Neat stuff!